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Barker College - Kurrajong Building

Client: Barker College
Location: Hornsby NSW

The Building has been designed to integrate into the existing environment at Barker where the entire main campus has been designated by Hornsby Council as an item of heritage significance. The shape of the building follows the natural contours of the building site and although of 5 storeys, its apparent effective height has been kept to 3 storeys by building into the natural land slope. This also enables easy access to the lowest 3 levels without the use of stairs or lifts.

The building provides new accommodation for the School's Department of English, Drama, Learning Support and Christian Studies. There are 23 Classrooms, 2 Lecture Theatres and approximately 10 other significant teaching spaces in the form of tutorial and seminar rooms and other group study areas.

A conscious effort was made from the outset to provide an environmentally sustainable building. These include a good natural ventilation airflow system, external windows glased with UV protective glazing, recycled rainwater, electrical power is generated by roof mounted solar collectors and internal lighting is activated by movement sensors and lights only come on as needed.